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AFREECA introducing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

AFREECA GmbH is a 4 years old German company of the Fuhrländer Group, focused on renewable energy solutions in Africa and the World. The company designs and implements hybrid solar/wind/storage systems and its owns a proprietary Intelligent Computer Control System (ICCS), managing the solar and wind system, as well as the battery storage, the public grid and the consumption.

The company is founded by veteran entrepreneurs who are specialists in the renewable energy sector and have decades of hands on experience in this sector and have implemented projects world wide since 1985 worth several billions.

AFREECA GmbH began operations in Ghana where the founders have solid relationships and have set up AFREECA Ghana Ltd, a joint venture operation The JV already employs a team of 20 trained professionals and has a healthy pipeline of projects ready to implement. AFREECA GmbH has raised a seed investment round from ESG seasoned investors who serve on the company board. The early stage funding received was sufficient for the company to independently complete initial implementations.

In the beginning of 2023, the company expects to have in several African countries and South East Asian countries several solid branches in Western Africa, in Kenia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, etc. and is working under the slogan Energy & Education. In 2023 AFREECA will start his own Academy in Accra, Ghana.

Our main focus is on:
Hospitals, Schools, Agriculture, Food Production, Hotels
Water Supply, Industries, Market Halls,  Private Houses, Villages

For Africa, AFREECA GmbH has decided to work with like-minded ESG investors to buy the solutions and lease-to-own the equipment to end users. In special cases, the PPA also is a solution.

AFREECA offers a proven, high quality and reliable solution, implemented by a highly trained, qualified and responsible local JV company, plus the financing solution, which is pretty unique in Africa. This company is also expected to generate its own clients who lease the systems from them for 5 to 12 years.

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