AFREECA Founders and Management

The AFREECA founders are veterans in the Renewable Energy sector, united by the belief that for a business to be sustainable, it has to generate profit to shareholders while helping the communities, saving human welfare and protecting the environment – the principle of triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit).


Joachim Fuhrländer

Founder & CEO

Renewable energy entrepreneur since 1985. Founder of Fuhrländer AG, a wind turbine maker in Germany with product range from 30 kW to 3 MW, Co-founder of OFLOG logistic company and OFPLAN project development.


Ziad Tassabehji

Co-Founder & Director

30 years experience in launching innovative projects including setting up the Masdar project for Abu Dhabi Government. Co- founder, board member of Torresol Energy, one of the global leaders in solar thermal energy production in Spain.


Helmut Rebstock

Co-Founder & Strategic Partner

Visionary entrepreneur in the electrical power domain. Co-founder of Qingdao TGOOD Group (2004), the global No. 1 for prefabricated substations and EV charging systems (listed on the Shenzhen exchange, Market Cap), and of TGOOD Global Ltd. (2015), globalizing the TGOOD business and adding advanced energy storage technologies like Vanadium Reflex Flow batteries.


Prof.Dr.Dr. Thomas Schmidt

Co-Founder & Seed Investor

15 years member of the board of the Bar Association for the Higher Regional Court district of Koblenz. Founder and Director of the “Birkenfelder Institute for Training and Quality Assurance in Insolvency at the Department of Environmental Economics / Environmental Law at the Trier University of Applied Sciences”